About the Author

Brooke and her daughter, Celina, at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA

Brooke and her daughter, Celina, at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA

I’m a happily married mom of three small children (five, three and two years old). I live out in the woods in a very small cabin, enjoying a rustic, back-to-the-land lifestyle… well, almost. My husband and I are computer geeks – freelance web developers, sci-fi enthusiasts and technology nerds. It’s a sort of paradise we live in, really, best of both worlds.

I grew up in the woods near Sublimity, Oregon. It was a beautiful childhood, home-schooled and partially secluded from the modern world. As I grew older, I began to enjoy writing, traveling, hiking, and taking photos. I also loved costumes – especially long flowing gowns and fitted bodices.

And in researching costumes for a costume party I hosted in 2001, I found an organization called the SCA and discovered a whole new hobby (researching lifestyles and cultures throughout history and recreating tools, objects, costumes and a persona from specific times and places).

I met my future husband through the SCA and we became close friends for several years before a sweet romance and wedding in 2005.

Married life has been the most natural and fulfilling experience of my life. Finding Brian was like finding a long lost friend, and now life can really begin. We had our 3rd child in November, 2009, and life has become very busy with kids activities. Every once in a while, between chasing little people around the house and picking up toys, I catch my husband’s eye and we just grin at each other. Who would have thought happiness could be so simple??